Providing one-stop IT Solutions for over 20 years

TPCS provide a complete Business to Business IT service.

Founded in 1994 as an AutoCAD Developer and Consultancy, we have grown into a high quality One-Stop IT Service.

We work closely with our clients to fully understand their requirements and our plain-speaking, practical approach ensures that we deliver tailor-made solutions that provide true business value. TPCS has a varied client base, both nationally and internationally, providing services to a range of companies from many different sectors and industries.

We value our reputation and so only work with best-of-breed partners who share our philosophy in delivering both quality and dependability.

Broadband, Networking and VPN

TPCS have wide ranging expertise of all areas of computer networking, including WiFi, secure guest WiFi and VPN. TPCS are also a business class Broadband provider.

Rapid IT Support

Even the most rigorously tested and designed system can run into unforeseen problems. TPCS provide contract based support or pay-as-you-go services.


TPCS have wide ranging expertise in assessing current business IT structures as well as defining and implementing cost effective and appropriate changes.

Web and App Hosting

An Internet presence has become more than a mere luxury for the successful business. TPCS web servers provide business quality, high availability web services.

Cloud Services

We provide a wide range of online services including; Remote Desktop, Office365, Remote Back Up; Outsourced Exchange Email; Firewall Management

Telephony and VoIP

TPCS provide enterprise quality telephony solutions to suit a range of business telephony needs

Meet the Team

Tim – Managing Director

The Weekend Mechanic

Tim founded TPCS Ltd as a sole-trader in 1994, since when he has expanded the team and developed the focus of the business to its present One-Stop IT Solution philosophy.

OS of choice DOS 5.1
Chrome or Firefox Anything Except Opera
Apple or Android Android
Drink If you're making...
Biscuit of choice Bourbon!

Angela – Office Manager/Accounts

So many books…so little time

Angela deals with the administrative side of the business, dealing with anything non-IT related and keeping the technicians focused.

OS of choice Mmmmm….?
Chrome or Firefox Chrome
Apple or Android Android
Drink Yes please
Biscuit of choice Jammy Dodger

Dave - Support Tech


Dave joined the team in 2019 and is the very definition of “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure” as he’ll usually choose to spend his time soldering redundant bits of IT or tending to his fish.

OS of choice Windows 7
Chrome or Firefox Chrome
Apple or Android Android
Drink Kraken
Biscuit of choice Chocolate Hobnobs

Matt – Support Tech

The Gamer

Matt joined TPCS in 2014 coming from a background in telecommunications. He is never happier than when a small IT-related piece of equipment needs taking apart, except for a good shoot 'em up of course.

OS of choice Windows 7
Chrome or Firefox Firefox
Apple or Android Android
Drink Hot Vimto (cure for all)
Biscuit of choice Custard Creams

Paul – Support Tech

The Management

When Paul isn't keeping your systems safe during the week he's keeping the pubs of Lancaster and Morecambe safe during the weekends as a bouncer on Lancashire’s "roughest" doors, sandpaper at the ready!

OS of choice Windows 7
Chrome or Firefox Chrome
Apple or Android Apple
Drink Kopi Luwak
Biscuit of choice Caramel Digestive

Cavan – Support Tech

The Traveler

After completing his A level physics Cavan decided IT was for him and joined us as an apprentice in 2018. He is the self-proclaimed traveller of the team even though he's only ever left Morecambe to come to Lancaster.

OS of choice Windows 10
Chrome or Firefox Chrome
Apple or Android Apple
Drink Tea with colour
Biscuit of choice Jaffa Cake

Mike – Support Tech

The Film Buff

After studying at Lancaster University, Mike joined TPCS in 2017. He is our official 'Barry Norman' film expert even if he is under the delusion that Blade Runner 2049 is better than the original!

OS of choice Windows 10
Chrome or Firefox Chrome
Apple or Android Android
Drink Tea
Biscuit of choice Digestive

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